Friday, February 27, 2015

Economic Survey 2014-15 is out !

If you are an aspirant of Civil Services Exam (CSE), conducted by UPSC, then you must read, digest, analyse and criticise Economic Survey of atleast past two years. Skimming is not just enough.

Today, the most awaited Economic Survey 2014-15 is out!
Economic Survey is a flagship annual document of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The document outlines the broad direction of the budget and the economic performance of the country.

Economic Survey reviews the developments in the Indian economy over the previous 12 months. This document is presented to both houses of Parliament during the Budget Session. The document would be useful for policymakers, economists, policy analysts, business practitioners, government agencies, students, researchers, the media, and all those interested in the development in the Indian economy. 

Get the Full PDF from here.

Else, you can browse this page and get seperate PDF copies, for individual chapters.

Here is the analysis/summary of it, from various media houses.
1. FE

When you read it, dont read with blank brain. Keep some questions in your brain, like for example, 'how has Fiscal deficit evolved over the years, pre American 2007-09 crisis and post crisis' etc and then analyse it for better grip and grasp over it.

Go ahead, Enlighten yourself !


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