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Glimpses of Love [ मेरे तो गिरिधर गोपाल दूसरो न कोई ] [ Mere to Giridhar Gopal..Doosara na koi ] - मीरा बाई

Sant Meera Bai reveals glimpses of her love towards Lord Krishna, through her sweet पदावली, propelling you and me, to ponder about 'unconditional love' in which one doesn't demand this or that (all petty material things) for ones sake.

And I think she prodded generations of the whole country, towards भक्ति मार्ग , when (if) they were doing intense soul search, and she continues to stir and spur countless soul's Sadhana. In Bhakti path, Selfish (Carnal) desire is shed away completely, and "intense love" for God and God realisation begins to matter most to the Sadhaka.  Probably that is what, Swami Vivekananda meant, when he said 'Unselfishness is God'.
Here I give one of those Jewels. 
मेरे तो गिरिधर गोपाल दूसरो न कोई।
जाके सिर मोर मुकुट मेरो पति सोई।
तात मात भ्रात बंधु आपनो न कोई॥।
छाँड़ि दी कुल की कानि कहा करिहै कोई।
संतन ढिंग बैठि-बैठि लोक लाज खोई॥
चुनरी के किये टूक ओढ़ लीन्ही लोई।
मोती मूँगे उतार बनमाला पोई॥
अँसुवन जल सींचि सींचि प्रेम बेलि बोई।
अब तो बेल फैल गई आणँद फल होई॥
दूध की मथनियाँ बड़े प्रेम से बिलोई।
माखन जब काढ़ि लियो छाछा पिये कोई॥
भगत देख राजी हुई जगत देखि रोई।
दासी "मीरा" लाल गिरिधर तारो अब मोही॥


[ Meaning obtained from Karnatik ]

My Lord is Giridhar Gopal and none else. He wears the crown decorated with the feathers of a peacock. The conch, the discus, the mace and the lotus flower all suit Him. Now I do not have any relations like father, mother and brother. I am not bothered about what people talk about me while I sit in the company of saints and monks. I am nurturing the Creeper of Love by the waters of my tears. Now Meera is immersed in God, so let whatever might happen.

( Prelude : Its time for Meera to Sing ! -Video, -Meaning )

And now, listen to this Audio, made by Legends of Music, Pt. Ravi Shankar and Sri Vani Jayaram.

With Love,
Aspiring जीवन्मुक्ता !

 * Credits of the hand drawn pick goes to Deepika Ravi, another Aspiring Jivanmuktha and a Carnatic Singer too :-) 


  1. Meera is the inner voice of our soul which always seeks Brahma

    1. Babu, Yes. Thanks for dropping the comment. Lets not hide that inner voice, by so called 'Persona', The Mask, which usually hinders one's sadhana by engaging in trifling affairs.

      Lets seek the ultimate.


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