Sunday, December 16, 2012

Confusion to Clarity.

These days, I kept on reading insane number of articles, ranging from world history to Economics to the current political scenario of the state. More the knowledge I seek any further, more and more gloom is snowballing into my brain. In my room, at dark times, i kept on repeating to myself, ignorance is bliss. At some time, I don't know when, I began to fall into this feeling that knowledge is making me restless. And that I am being too sensitive to what I read.

But, paradoxically, hunger for wisdom was always there.

Thanks to one of my closest friends, all this unconscious slurry in the brain, which sort of became stagnant, preventing me to cut through further, got shattered at the very touch of (his) few (timely!) words.

This person, came and cleared the chaos, in an Incisive manner.

Thought of sharing those 'few' words, inspired this Sundays post. Sorry for not having articulated my feelings, for such long time.

Deciphering the enigma: 

 विद्या विवादाय धनं मदाय शक्ति: परेषां परिपीडनाय |
 खलस्य साधोर्विपरीतमेतज्ज्ञानाय दानाय च रक्षणाय ||

 A bad person uses his knowledge for (empty) argumentations, his wealth for egotistic actions, and his power for harming others. The opposite is true concerning a good person: He uses his knowledge, wealth, and power for providing to others knowledge, financial help, and protection, respectively. [1]

Now, meditating on these lines, I will strive for higher knowledge..   That is, to use my knowledge from now, only to help and to teach others, and never to argue.

I'm thankful to all the friends that I ever had so far. If not for them, I am simply not what I am today. And IITM is such a place, full of mystiques and mahatmas... 

Reference : 

[1] Indebted to this page, for its content.

PS: Btw, be prepared for boundless blogging season ahead. :-)

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