Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Advice, for Starters.

So when I was spending yet another day in my life, I was asked, by one of my close friends, to suggest some reading material for a starter, who just made up mind for Civil Services Exam.

I sent, a simple list of three things. Here it is.

1. Go through every line of past 20 years prelims question papers, pedantically.  (For example : One can try this kind of book)

2. Pick up the "Competition Success Review" magazine and enjoy the smooth flow of pages.

3. Try any India - GK book and experience, the vastness of knowledge (Two examples).

As Srujan puts it in his blog,
"Civil service preparation is an opportunity to know our surroundings and country in a better way and enhance our knowledge holistically. Even if we don't get into services, we will be an "informed citizen" and can help positively in building our society. We should keep this in mind while preparing and start moulding our personality such that it suits the kind of work we'd do once we get into service. We should try to develop grasping, active thinking, comprehension and decision making skills. Our preparation for civils also helps in... "
Carpe diem.

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