Sunday, April 17, 2011


I completely agree with Cal Newport about his new article describing that there is no HOLY SACRED thing waiting as YOUR thing. His words go like..

I don’t believe that there’s some magical right pursuit waiting for you to discover.Choose something that seems reasonably interesting and really go after it. Keep exceeding people’s expectations.Over time, this will grow into something meaningful in your life.It will also lead you in completely unexpected and fascinating directions.

I feel, same the case happens with our personal progress, progress in anything. Let it be changing ones attitude or changing the level of understanding..... It cannot be overnight process.

Well, coming to me, many new changes started to take over me... slowly...., surely gonna influence my surroundings to a greater extent. After attending 'Reflections' discussion, I was flooded with lot of food for thought, to dissect myself. Some excerpts:

- Best satisfied people are those who went upstream, not the routine which one does generally.
-CG is character. That does not mean CG is measure of intellectual capabilities. They might be in some other valley. As long as you are sincere to what you are committed to do as a *STUDENT*, you are fulfilling your duties. Rest is all left to you!
-Sunscreen song (visit this post), absolutely marvelous piece !
-Focus is THE issue, wherever you live, whatever you do.

And Btw, I just moved completely to Google Reader, utilizing it to the fullest extent possible. :) I don't see many guys there, probably everyone is busy with Facebook. :D

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