Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 2

Late, as usual... as if it was my trait... which was never in my dictionary till I became an IIT'ian. That's the first thing I learned after I became Iit'ian as far as I remember. This gets infused somehow into many of us un-consciously or otherwise, but believe me , this made worst ever things possible in my life. Anyways, lets get started without much waste of time.

I'll start this Post ( & Blog altogether) with paying tribute to my parents in a universal way.

वागर्थाविव संपृक्तौ वागर्थप्रतिपत्तये।
जगतः पितरौ वन्दे पार्वतीपरमेश्वरौ॥

This Awe-inspiring doublet invokes RIGHT sense of " Starting to Learn / Discovering out things" in me and I always bow down to kalidasa who made this clear to me. It says :

For the right understanding of words and their meanings ( or, For the proper knowledge ), I bow down to Parvati and Parameshvara, who are the parents of the universe( or creation ), inseparable as words & their meanings.[1]

This even shows oneness of Knowledge ( of anything ) and Divinity. Also, praying for clearing our ignorance. Every time , whenever I start a new thing, this is the ONLY THING that comes immediately to my mind.

Coming to the week, this particular one was quite rewarding one for me in many aspects, As I have learned many things over a small period of time and brought a much awaited thing to end,it being a Project report.( and,not to be mentioned,could not post it the same day ). Also, This week I finally got started with learning about the HOLY GRAIL of 20th Century - THE Quantum Physics. Then on, went to tinker a bit about Exploring HAM. Weekend started very interestingly with a FRENCH exam.

Food for thought: Take my word, this week I saw some of the best ever produced movies. Well, the list comprises of Agora, Ala modalaindi , Padiyappa , Karthik calling Karthik (Liked "Uff , Teri Ada.."). Each one was cluttering my brain with lots of thoughts... and feelings. And one fine morning , I enjoyed this PPT.

Thought of week:
" Its about working ...Self-motivated working...
once pure self-motivation sets in u will end up being a stud student...
it just takes a lil bit of time amidst all this course work and perturbations..
thats all...
at the end of the day i feel all what matters is attitude...
everything else goes to trash .. ".

Okay , What I understood out of that was , as people put it , PERSPIRATION ALONE will make you cherish your dreams... and what ever the inspiration is, will account only for boosting your abilities , to put into REAL work.


More to come: (Could not finish :P )
1. Marquez.
2. Living and Existing.
3. Q's on Every Weekend.
4. VSC Flyer.

That's all for today.Thanks for bearing till now, I'll be back next Sunday ! Oops, forgot to say one more thing, It was all merry there at one friend's end.., celebrating for IIT - B Intern ! Congrats !

Bye bye,


  1. Sagara sangamam cinemalo paata sanskrit lo raasste telidanukunnava bey!

  2. Thanks bobby, for the First comment ! Btw, where is this in sagara sangamam :P


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