Friday, February 01, 2013

February Goals

In the light of the fact that UPSC will be issuing a notification on Feb 2, 2013, about Civil Services Exam 2013 - 2014, I am going to intensify my preparations, celebrating the notification of CSE. 

Posts from now, will be very specific and I will be zeroing them down, completely down to updating my preparation's Progress, and set of advises' here and there.

Girl Child Statue at Library of IIM Indore[1]
So here is the List : 
  1. Finishing past papers of Prelims of CSE, using this Disha book.
  2. Digesting previous papers of Mains General Studies, using this Arihant Book.
  3. Finishing India Year Book, given by my Shankar Coaching Academy. 
  4. Finishing Indian Polity book, written for Civil Service aspirants by Laxmikanth.
  5. Progressing considerably, in the preparations of Economics, and Public Administration as optional subjects.
Apart from these, every weekend, I will be taking a 2 Hr Model test, with a chunk of pre-defined portion. 

That's all for today, wish you too, a productive and prosperous February, for all your endeavors ! 

[1] - "....We have put up a girl child statue this year outside our Library. It is named, Mukti Prerna, reminding all  interalia, 'sa vidya ya vimuktaya', meaning education is that free your mind; education is for all; our number one national priority should be girl education....." Taken from: Speech of IIM Indore Director(pdf).

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